China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet

  • China Cold Rolled Steel Sheet coils
China Cold Rolled Steel Sheet coils

China Cold Rolled Steel Sheet coils

  • 1.Steel Grade: DX51D, SGCC, S250, S350, ASTM A653, G550,Thickness: 0.13mm to 2.50mm (Tolerance +/- 0.02mm) , Width: 750mm to 1250mm (Tolerance+/-3mm)
  • 2.Zinc Coating: 40g/M2 to 275g/M2 ,Surface Treatment: Chromated, unoiled ,Big Spangle,Regualr Spangle,Zero Spangle,Coil ID: 508mm/610mm,Coil Weight: 4-22tons
  • 3.Hardness: HRB50-HRB90 ,Tensile Strength: 280--600Mpa
  • 4.Seaworthy Packing, Delivery by Container or by Bulk
  • Product description: We are a professional leader China Cold Rolled Steel Sheet coils manufacturer and supplier of China. we can supply China China Cold Rolled Steel Sheet coils in good quality and best price for the mark
  • Quality Standard: 1.Steel Grade: DX51D, SGCC, S250, S350, ASTM A653, G550,
  • Thickness: 0.18mm to 2.50mm
  • Tolerance of Thickness: +/- 0.02MM
  • Width: 914mm to 1250mm The special width 914mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1219mm, 1220mm, 1250mm
  • Tolerance of Width: +/- 3MM
  • Zinc Coating: 40G/M2 to 275G/M2
  • Surface Treatment: Chromated, unoiled
  • Surface Finished: Regular Spangle Zero Spangle or big Spangle
  • Coil ID: 508MM/610MM
  • Tensile strength: 270--600Mpa
  • Coil Weight: 4-20MT
  • Packing: Seaworthy, in Container, or in Bulk
  • Product Applications
  • 1). DHGI steel coil Buildings and Construction
  • Roofing, Ceilings, Floor Decks, Fences, Indoor Decorations, Pipes, Ventilators, Sheds, Duct Work, Siding, Sashes,  Beams, Verandas, Shutters, Awnings, Partitions, Culverts.
  • 2). Transportation
  • Containers, Highway Barriers, Oil Filters, Fuel Tanks, Body Pane, Air Cleaners.
  • 3). Appliances
  • Light Fittings, Washing Machines, Dryers, Coolers, Vending Machines, Water Heaters, Stoves, Refrigerators, Freezers,   Tool Boxes.
  • 4). Gi steel Dx51d Agriculture
  • Animal Houses, Hoppers, Bar Supporters, Irrigation Systems, Barns, Dryer Panels, Green houses.
  • 5). Others
  • Furniture and Office Equipment, Entertainment Machines, Car Ports, Garden and Storage Sheds.
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