China Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

  • China Anneal Cold Rolled Steel
China Anneal Cold Rolled Steel

China Anneal Cold Rolled Steel

  • Steel Grade SPCC, Q195 , Q235 ,DC01 Thickness 0.25mm-3mm, Width 1000-1500, Coil ID 508mm, Max Coil Weight25tons,
  • Surface treatment Oiled/Unoiled,
  • Width: 600mm-1500mm 4) Length: As requested
  • Standard: ASTM29, DIN16723, EN10130, JIS, GB
  • Product description: We is specialized in the production and exportation of quality China Anneal Cold Rolled Steel .We are professional supplier of China Cold Rolled Steel Coils from China, we have good China Cold Rolled

China Anneal Cold Rolled Steel 

Width (mill edge): 914-1500
Max. Thickness: 0.3--2.0mm
Min. Thickness: 0.3mm
Inside diameter: 508mm or 610mm
Outside diameter: 850~1500mm
Description of goods:  We can supply soft, semi-soft, cold hard and stainless worked cold-rolled steel coils at customer's option
Steel Grade: SPCC-SD, SPCC-1B, DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04

Mainly applied for building, light industry, automobile, agriculture and animal
husbandry fishery
In construction industry, mainly used to produce anti-corrosion of industrial and
civil building roof, roof grille
In light industries, can be used as an appliance shell, civil chimney and
Farming fisheries mainly use it as food storage, seafood frozen processing
equipment of meat
Business mainly use it as materials of storage and packing equipment

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