China Stainless Steel Coil

  • China 305 Stainless Steel
China 305 Stainless Steel

China 305 Stainless Steel

  • ★AISI 301★ASTM A167 ★ASTM A177
  • ★ASTM A554 ★ASTM A666 ★DIN 1.4310
  • ★MIL S-5059 ★QQ S766 ★UNS S30100
  • Product description: We supply you China 305 Stainless Steeldirectly from China. We offers a complete range of sizes China 305 Stainless Steel , We are China 305 Stainless Steel manufacturer and supplier of China

BRIGHT ANNEALED - The bright cold rolled finish is retained by final annealing in a controlled atmosphere furnace.

FOR DEEP DRAWING - Type 305 Stainless Strip Steel possesses the same excellent corrosion resistance as Type 302, but has a much lower rate of work hardening. It is well suited for cold forming operations in which this low rate of work hardening is desirable. Its yield, tensile strength, and hardness increase at rates which are exceptionally low. However, its initially good elongation falls off rapidly.

Type 305 stainless steel is widely used for the production of parts by free spinning and cold heading operations, and it is particularly suitable for severe cold drawing, especially where the part can be completely formed in two draws. In many instances, the intermediate anneal can be eliminated when Type 305 is used. In drawing, the metal should be allowed to slip freely through the hold-down pads, thus holding stretching to a minimum. Used widely for electronic parts and other drawn applications.

COMPLETE FACILITIES for Slitting - Shearing - Blanking and Edging. Available in coils or cut lengths. Sizes other than those listed and in all thicknesses .001 and heavier are obtainable and may be ordered for you.

AlSl 305
ASTM A 240
Rockwell B88 Max.
C .12 Max. 
Mn 2.00 Max. 
Si .040 Max. 
P .030 Max.
S .750 Max. 
Cr 17.00/19.00
Ni 10.50/13.00

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