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  • China 304 Annealed Stainless Steel
China 304 Annealed Stainless Steel

China 304 Annealed Stainless Steel

  • ★AISI 301★ASTM A167 ★ASTM A177
  • ★ASTM A554 ★ASTM A666 ★DIN 1.4310
  • ★MIL S-5059 ★QQ S766 ★UNS S30100
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SOFT and DUCTILE - Type 304 annealed stainless steel or18/8 chrome-nickel Stainless Steel Strip differs from Type 302 only in its low carbon content and in its slight increase in the chrome and nickel percentages. It has a high degree of ductility, excellent drawing, forming and spinning properties. Annealed 304 stainless steel  is used extensively in the chemical, refrigeration, paper and food processing industries. Also for bellows, flexible metal hose, spinning, tubing and numerous other stainless applications. Like Type 302, Type 304 finds its larger demand in the soft tempers. In its annealed condition, the tensile strength is listed at approximately 75,000 PSI minimum and its yield strength at approximately 30,000 PSI minimum with approximate elongation in 2 inches at 40%.


Type 304 Stainless Steel Characteristics
(18/8 chrome-nickel) Austenitic Stainless Steel Strip. This is a companion grade to type 301 and type 302 stainless steel and characterized by an especially low carbon content while its chromium and nickel are somewhat higher.


Because of its lower carbon content Type 304 is not so prone to give trouble after welding, due to carbide precipitation and resultant corrosion. Annealed stainless steel 304 possesses heat and corrosion resistant properties superior to Types 301 and 302 stainless steels. Its strength, work hardening and drawing qualities are slightly less than Type 302. Type 304 is not heat-treatable for hardening purposes. It is non-magnetic as annealed but slightly magnetic following cold working. To solution anneal, cool rapidly in air or water from about 1850° to 2050° F.

COMPLETE FACILITIES for Slitting - Shearing - Blanking and Edging.
Available in coils or cut lengths. Sizes other than those listed and in all thicknesses .001 and heavier are obtainable and may be ordered for you.

Note: Available 48" wide in select gages

AlSl 304
ASTM A 240/666
AMS 5513
Rockwell B87 Max.
C .08 Max. 
Mn 2.00 Max. 
Si .750 Max. 
P .040 Max. 
S .030 Max.
Cr 18.00/20.00
Ni 8.00/10.50

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