The Difference Between Regular Spangle and Zero Spangle

There have two kinds zinc spangles for hot dipped galvanized steels, one is regular spangle and another is zero spangle. 

Before time, due to China technology can not get very clear pure lead in the zinc liquids, there is always some spangle on the galvanized steel surface. With the development of the automotive industry, the hot-dipped galvanized car panels have the coating requirements, and the spangle spray coating is affecting the coatings jobs. And later by reducing the zinc ingot and zinc in the lead content less than 50 ppm, it can produce galvanized steel sheets free of zinc spangles or very little spangles. 
Galvanized Steel Coils
Regular Spangle
The regular spangle is that the zinc layer is condensed under the normal condition after galvanizing, which is mainly used for general purposes.  Regular spangle also has kinds of large spangle and small spangles which is mainly applied for buildings and the occasions where less human direct contact. 

Zero Spangle

Zero spangle mainly refers to the product through a special production process, usually in the zinc pot inside to control the lead at a certain level. Or after the steel strip out of the zinc pot to do the special treatment, such as the treatment of small zinc spangles or spray zinc powder to control the zinc spangles less than a certain extent to get the zero spangles.

Galvanized coil with spangles and no spangles are based on the galvanized steel coil surface state to distinguish, the general naked eye to see. Finally, summarize the characteristics and uses of hot-dip galvanized grid surface structure.

Normal Spangle: Galvanized through the normal condensation and zinc spangle, there has an impact on the coatings.  Application for buildings.

Zero Spangle: Control the lead content of the lead liquids to get non-visual zinc spangles on the strip surfaces. Application for auto and appliances industry. 



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